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Do you love speedster cars? Our 365 Speedsters business is for sale in USA!

Be ready to produce porsche-style 356 Speedsters for sale as quickly and easily as possible.  These are 356 Speedsters replicas, but with contemporary styling and engineering.

This offer includes most of the production tooling for producing highly desired flared-fender speedster 356 models. The tooling for producing these sweet but stunning vehicles with a contemporary chassis is now for sale. 

Our offer includes molds, two bodies, and two chassis, and a complete running gasoline engine. Transmissions are ready to accept EV power. Website with revisions also included!

Red Color 365 Speedster
365 Speedster Chassis
365 Speedster Green Chassis
365 Speedster Yellow chassis

365 Speedsters Chassis

While a shortened VW chassis is included, our extraordinary prototype Tubular Chassis, as developed by an automotive engineer with Formula 1 experience, especially for the speedsters 356 replica is part of the package.. 

365 Speedsters Molds

Our molds were produced by an artist/technical wizard who worked on the molds for GM’s first Corvette bodies.  He also produced the molds for the Thomas 318 Cord replicas.

Built to produce 100s of 356 speedsters for sale, these molds are handlaid, sturdy, yet they run cool.

The entire main body mold with rocker panels is in one piece. Additional molds include front and rear bumpers, headlight buckets, hood inner and outer, left door inner and outer, right door inner and outer, rear deck inner and outer. Thus you can quickly be ready to produce a flared-fender version of the 356 speedster replica for sale. 

365 Speedster Molds 1
365 Speedster Molds
365 Speedster Molds 2
365 Speedster Black Body
365 Speedster White Body

365 Speedsters Bodies

The body design is that of a Speedster presented as if they were still being mass-produced today. 

Our cars have flared fenders (wide-bodied or California-style). Our bodies are hand-laid. We prefer that to chopper gun spray, for several reasons, but you can use that approach if you prefer..

Finish may be with a finish gel or sanding gel.  Sanding gel permits easy block sanding of any imperfections you might encounter plus it permits last minute changes in body color.

Body thickness is up to you; they are all quite lightweight. 

There are enough Speedster replicas on the road, that body replacement sections are in demand (after an engine fire or a highway crash). Use these molds to produce badly needed 356 speedster body parts for sale.

365 Speedsters Power / Engines

These particular cars, bodies, chassis, or engines are clearly not intended to be exact replicas of the 356 Speedsters. They are contemporary versions. There are many engine options such as VW big-bore engines with dual carburetors, or even 911 6-cyl engines,

Other options are to use Subaru water cooled engines, and most recently there is a great opportunity to offer early-on Electric Vehicle (EV) Motors,  With our state of the art chassis, it all comes together nicely!

These cars are clearly not intended to be exact replicas of the 356 Speedsters. There are many engine options ranging from VW big bore engines with dual carburetors, 911 6-cyl engines,

Subaru water cooled engines, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Motors, to mention the most common. With our state of the art chassis, it all comes together nicely!

365 Speedster Engine 2

365 Speedster Engine 2
365 Speedster Engine
365 Speedster Engine 1
Autobahn Speedsters Company Contact Number


We started this project, to build state-of- the-art 356 Speedsters in 1988 when I was in the Service in Morgantown, WV. 

Collaborators with me at that time were Leo Thomas of Thomas 318 Cord, Cassville, WV, and Bob Sweatt of Metalcraft, Romulus, MI.

When I decided to return to Alaska in 1994 the project was transferred to John Swift of Anniston, Alabama.

I re-acquired the vehicles and tooling in 2011 and brought everything to Myrtle Beach, SC. Here my main collaborator is John Gallagher.

But now we offer this 356 speedsters business for sale in the US. We can deliver all components anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous states.

365 Speedster Replacement Body Clips

Replacement Body Clips

365 Speedster Aluminum Gas Tank

Aluminum Gas Tank

365 Speedster Aluminum Grilles

Aluminum Grilles

365 Speedster Rack and Pinion Steering
365 Speedster Disk Brakes All Around

Rack&Pinion Steering

Independent Suspension


Disk Brakes All Around

Bodies include Subframes

365 Speedster Independent Suspension
365 Speedster Bodies With Subframes